Alongside the popular channels of print and digital advertising campaigns, reprints and ePrints, and supplements, Oxford provide other  customizable multimedia sales opportunities, including bulk subscriptions, custom book publishing, and opportunities to license journals content.

We are also delighted to announce the availability of a new digital resource – we can now offer bespoke educational microsites on specific topics.



Oxford University Press offers sponsors the opportunity to create a bespoke educational “microsite” which is dedicated to a particular topic area. Pull together featured articles from any of Oxford’s Journals for disease awareness, educational campaigns, or whatever topic suits your needs. You can also include your own multimedia, editorials, and links to conferences and events alongside a selection of articles.

Use the microsite to:

  • Educate and inform
  • Build stronger connections with your customers
  • Gain access to new and key customers

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Bulk Subcriptions

Oxford has a wealth of online medical content available through subscription – from the Oxford Journals to our premium medical content portal Oxford Medicine Online. Oxford Medicine Online offers instant access to the full-text of over 500 fully cross-searchable major Oxford medical publications, including The Oxford Textbook of Medicine, the AMA Manual of Style, and the ESC Textbooks, it also includes all titles within the major series; Oxford Medical Libraries, Emergencies in, Oxford Specialist Handbooks, Oxford Handbooks in Nursing, and the flagship series Oxford Medical Handbooks (including the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine).

View a tour of Oxford Medicine.

Integrate online content from Oxford medical books into your medical education campaign with online access to Oxford Medicine Online. Subscriptions are available for varying time frames, e.g. a week to cover a conference up to a year to provide on-going access to clients. You can offer access to individual libraries, or select from any title across the whole series to create your own bespoke collection.

Pricing is based on the number of users, titles and timescales, so contact us for a tailored quote.


Custom Book Publishing

Oxford University Press has been publishing medical books for over 100 years, and our guarantee of quality and integrity is backed by a rigorous commissioning and review process. We aim to provide the most current, accurate, high-quality content and level of service to our corporate customers in the healthcare industry. With over 2000 medical titles available in print, from the world renowned Oxford Textbook of Medicine, to the Oxford Medical Handbooks (including the award winning Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine), from our major textbooks (ESC, Oxford Textbooks) to the AMA Manual of Style. Covering every major therapy area, from Anaethesia to Zoonoses, Oxford has it covered.

Our custom publishing services include:

  • Branded publications - Add a logo or welcome message to an existing publication – making a valued branded promotional item for your market.
  • Tailored publications - Work with world-renowned authors and editorial teams to edit, update, or customize current or future publications
  • Bespoke publishing - Pull together content from a variety of separate Oxford publications to create a unique book, specific to your target audience
  • Patient education tools, including patient handouts for therapy areas branded with your logo, clinical posters for medical professionals to help explain their diagnosis.

For a full list of titles available, please follow the links below to visit our online medical catalogue:

Click here if you are in North or South America.

Click here if you are outside North or South America.


Licensing Oxford Journal Content

The Journals Rights and New Business Development team are responsible for the licensing of Oxford Journals content. Please contact us with any queries relating to general permissions, pharmaceutical translations/local editions, third-party licensing and all copyright queries.